Internal Links Boost Page Performance

Internal links are an important part of your overall content marketing strategy. 

Just think about it: Visitors pick your website because they believe in your authority over the other websites on SERPs. Internal links give you, the content marketer or website owner, the ability to further promote your own content in a natural and relevant way.

So, what are internal links?

Internal links are links that point to another page on the same website. These differ from external links, which point to a page on an entirely different website. 

When used appropriately, internal links can even boost your page – and overall website – performance. 

In this post, we’ll explain why internal link optimization is so important. We’ll share our data on the topic – more specifically, how internal links boost page performance. This will include a breakdown of why they work. We’ll also show you how to do internal linking so you can get started right away.

Let’s jump in!

Why Internal Link Optimization Is Important

You know what internal links are, and you probably even use them on your website. So why should you be so concerned with internal link optimization?

For one, an optimized internal linking strategy helps users to navigate your website. Internal links will point readers to other related content on your site so they spend more time and go deeper into your site structure or funnel.

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