Finding FAQ Opportunities Using Ubersuggest

According to Microsoft, 95% of customers say customer service plays a major part in their brand loyalty.

FAQ pages make for a top-notch customer experience, after all. If you want your site visitors to know what it feels like to have their needs put first, communicate with them using a FAQ page.

Chatbots, customer reviews, and social media support lines like Twitter are ways to help customers along their buyer’s journey.

But an FAQ page can earn the trust of customers, provide additional insights into your products and services, and help you secure sales.

So, don’t sleep on FAQ pages. They serve as a great assistant for your customers and your site’s SEO.

That’s right, FAQ pages are good for SEO.

When designed with an effective SEO strategy, FAQ pages capture your customers’ attention and help you rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

It takes a little keyword research to generate FAQ ideas, but that’s where an SEO tool like Ubersuggest comes in.

It helps identify keywords with high traffic to feed into your content strategy.

Let’s use Ubersuggest to craft FAQs that turn visitors into customers.

How FAQs Help With SEO

Just how valuable are FAQs for SEO?

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