Project Magi: Google is Making a Major Change to Search

According to the New York Times, Google has 160 engineers working on Project Magi.

Project Magi is a stepping stone into a new search engine they are planning on releasing. The new search engine will replace Google as we know it.

There aren’t tons of details on their new search engine, but there are details about Project Magi.

Here’s what we know…

Chat like interface

Google wants to make search more like a conversation.

Imagine asking a person questions and getting answers. Kind of like ChatGPT.

Or think of how you interact with Alexa, but a smarter version than that. And one that can learn not just from how you conversed in the past, but can learn on the fly as you are asking questions.

It’s the next logical step in search. We all want answers and we want relevant answers that are adapted to us.

The old-school method of seeing 10 results per page when you are just looking for an answer is what they are trying to provide.

Now this won’t work for all search queries but think of this as the next stepping stone to previous changes like Google’s knowledge graph.

The big change though isn’t that, it’s actually how Google will help facilitate transactions.

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